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In fact Conti's Chelsea days are not better

Le 23 octobre 2017, 04:47 dans Humeurs 0

In fact, Conti's Chelsea days are not better, the current round of the Premiership, his Blues struggling to beat Waterford, even so, they are from the top of the Manchester City there are three ball gap, Chelsea's defending journey is full of hardships, And Conti also need to lead the team out of the quagmire as soon as possible Rob Gronkowski Jersey. Chelsea high-level dissatisfaction with Conti's point is that in the case of poor blue record, the Italians always find excuses, either injury, or schedule. In an interview, Conti said that he never worried about the get out of class, but if Abramovich dissatisfied with the team record, according to the Russian gangster's habit Jonathan Jones Jersey, he will always take the coach surgery. So, once the hole from the Stamford Bridge get out of class, then Milan really have the opportunity to fight for the former Juventus coach. However, the Italian media pointed out that the current coveted Conti also includes ambitious Paris Saint-Germain. When the Manchester City fans are still immersed in the Champions League night on Tuesday night that colorful sunset Joe Cardona Jersey, Manchester did not hesitate to pull them back to reality - the wind, heavy rain, this is the normal Manchester. But in order to see the players approach, even if the need to stop in the storm waiting for nearly an hour Marcus Cannon Jersey, Manchester City fans have no regrets. Naturally, in yesterday's conference before the game was Guardiola "play permit" Aguero won the fans the most cheering and applause.

Tottenham ranked third in the championship

Le 23 octobre 2017, 04:47 dans Humeurs 0

Tottenham ranked third in the championship, but they are in the new home record in general, just get 1 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses record. In this regard, Sanchez said, "In the Wembley Stadium, we have tried to maximize the effort to take points Stephen Gostkowski Jersey, but very unfortunate, it seems that the record is very general, we won in the Champions League, won the League Cup Jordan Richards Jersey, but in the league home, We only won once, of course, the most important thing is not lost points, which is why we can be ranked in the forefront of the standings. Waiting for the beginning of the game gap, the side of several local fans asked reporters, "in China will live this game," when get a positive answer Derek Rivers Jersey, their face showing surprises and satisfaction can not help but feel that, despite the Etihad Stadium can be seen everywhere in Chinese advertising slogans, the British fans may still underestimate the link between Manchester City and China. In fact, as early as December 1, 2015, from China's Chinese culture holding group and CITIC Capital will jointly acquire the Manchester City club parent company - City Football Group 13% of the shares. Since then, Manchester City has a number of Chinese enterprises to reach a partnership Matthew Slater Jersey. It is not difficult to see Manchester City's attention to the Chinese market, as well as China's capital platform for the support of Manchester City. Manchester United concern Sorel is not surprising, this Spanish U21 international has a very strong strength, his staff in the avant-garde, midfielder and side avant-garde, long-range ability, is a handsome. Bayern also visited him many times, hoping to introduce the star, will be trained as another Harvey - Alonso. Today, Manchester United also involved in the star of the battle, the player's worth must soar.

Mentioned Manchester City and China

Le 23 octobre 2017, 04:47 dans Humeurs 0

Mentioned Manchester City and China, would have to mention once in Manchester City played six seasons of "China Sun (China Sun)" - Sun Jihai. As Manchester City ambassador in China and the first selected for the Premiership Hall of Fame Asian players Patrick Chung Jersey, despite the last time he was wearing a sky blue shirt has been fast for ten years, but obviously Manchester City fans did not forget the team had made Had a great contribution to the former hero. "I remember having a Chinese player in Manchester City, he called Jihan Sun (Sun Jihai), although at that time Manchester City results can not be compared with today, but Sun's hard work we will never forget. Hope in the future can have more like He was as good as the Chinese players came to the Premiership, came to Manchester City. "This is the British fans of the expectations, I believe that is the majority of Chinese fans wish Chris Hogan Jersey. The current Soler and Valencia contract expires on June 30, 2021, and he is also about to complete the contract soon, the contract breach of contract is 75 million pounds, while Manchester United is talking with the bat corps, hoping to 30 million pounds Offer to win him. It is worth mentioning that Mendes and Valencia boss Lin Rongfu relationship is very good, and Woodward can use Mendes to persuade the other release, Moreover, the famous Portuguese broker is also Mourinho's broker people Damarius Travis Jersey. Manchester United to 1-2 cold upside down to the newly promoted Ma town, the Red Devils are very disappointed Matthew Slater Jersey, but the general Herrera after the game made some remarks let Mourinho more dissatisfied, and immediately hit the last season the team MVP, Is further worried about the Spanish midfielder Manchester United prospects.

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